Cheapest Car in U.S 2012 with only $2,500

Cheapest Car in U.S 2012 with only $2,500

Tata Nano mini-car, will be sold in the U.S during 2012, it is now adapting to meet stringent U.S. crash safety requirements and testing a larger engine.
Tata's goal was to offer the base version would sell for approximately $2,500. this car will met that goal by having his engineers redesign every aspect of the 10-foot-long four-door car to squeeze out costs.

tiny aluminum 624cc two-cylinder engine is fitted under the rear seat, avoiding costly front-wheel-drive parts,33-horsepower motor uses a balance shaft to cut vibration, and multi-point fuel injection plus a catalytic converter to meet Euro4 emissions limits. Fuel efficiency is estimated at roughly 48 miles per gallon.

Tata Nano U.S. version will better equipped than the base version for India, Indian version made without airbags, air-conditioning, power steering, central locking, electric windows, a radio, a passenger-side mirror, and sun visors and a second windshield wiper.

Tata Nano uses larger 15-inch wheels and tires, and includes airbags, electric power steering, stability control, and anti-lock brakes. Tata pledges it will offer climate control, a full infotainment systems, even optional leather upholstery.
The Nano drives fits four six-foot adults and Nano passing European crash tests

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