The 2011 Maserati GranCabrio Sport video review and details

The 2011 Maserati GranCabrio Sport video review and details

Maserati has just unveiled the 2011 Gran Cabrio Sport at the Geneva Motor Show, and it looks better in the flesh than even re-touched press photos could have promised. Maserati is aiming the Gran Cabrio Sport squarely at giving its droptop GT a little more performance cred.

The blacked-out tailpipes and wheels draw attention to the idea that this thing is meant for more than just posing. Inside, Maserati hammer home the car's purpose even harder, with carbon fiber dashboard trim and shifter paddles. All those touches do a good job making this car look fast, but Maserati made sure the car goes as well as it looks.

To that end, they upgraded the standard car's six-speed paddle-shifted transmission for even quicker gear changes. The ZF-sourced gearbox gets spun by a 450-horsepower version of Maserati's top-dog 4.7-liter V8. Maserati has also firmed up the car's Skyhood active suspension and thrown in bigger brakes to keep everything from going awry.

A 450 HP and 4.7 liter V8 engine, The model is specially made to be fuel-efficient with an approximate 6% reduction in the user’s fuel consumption. 
The Maserati also comes with the Friction Reduction Program that is meant to make it easier for the driver to control the machine with just the slightest effort on your part.

Maserati GranCabrio is its six-speed transmission boasting of the ultra-fast MC Auto Shift that makes for smooth and seamless gearshift response for the driver. With a top speed reaching 285 km/h, the model boasts of a forceful look with the signature nose, black grille and red accents. Headlights have also been changed to reflect a black look along with white side marks for additional distinction.

Burning as much as 95.7 horse power per liter, this Maserati now has better handling with the upgraded Skyhook active-suspension system.

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