1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe news, pictures, and information

1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe news, pictures, and information

In 1941, Chevrolet introduced a completely new body. Concealed safety steps replaced the traditional running boards. These changes would continue through the post-war models up to 1948. They also improved the existing six-cylinder engine for additional horsepower. Chevrolet and other General Motors cars offered shortwave radios as a factory option.

The styling and body of the Special Deluxe was similar as the Master Deluxe in 1941. The headlamps were incorporated into the fenders and the name could be found on the rear sides of the hood in chrome block letters. Under the hood was a 216.5 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine that produced 90 horsepower. That power was sent to the rear wheels through a three-speed synchromesh transmission. The least expensive body-style was the two-door business coupe which had seating for two and carried a $770 price tag. The most expensive of the Special Deluxe Series in 1941 was the four-door station wagon which had seating for eight and a sticker price that was just under a thousand dollars.

The black 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe coupe was offered for sale at the 2006 Worldwide Group held on the Hilton Head Island where it was expected to fetch between $20,000-$25,000. At the conclusion of the auction the vehicle had been sold for $13,200.

The 1941 Chevrolet models featured new Fisher bodies and a fresh frontal appearance. Their 116-inch wheelbase, three inches longer than in 1940, made them the longest Chevrolets yet - and they were roomier inside, too. These were the first Chevrolets made without running boards.

The refined 1941 Chevrolet engine produced 90 horsepower from its 216.5 cubic-inch displacement. With war looming, it was named the 'Victory Six.'

Slightly more than one million Chevrolet passenger cars were built - plus about 650,000 trucks - for 1941. Chevrolet owners could personalize their vehicles with numerous factory-installed accessories, and even more authorized items were available through dealerships. Options on this featured convertible include GM accessory bumper guards, Guide fog-lamps and 'washboard' corrugated front fender trim, which was offered only for 1941.

The top-of-the-line Super DeLuxe Series included Chevrolet's only open style for 1941. Listing for $995, this Convertible Coupe's standard equipment included a power top, lowered and raised by a vacuum-operated system.

This beautiful example is one of the 15,296 Special DeLuxe Convertibles made in 1941. It is finished in Ruby Maroon Metallic, with red leather interior. The car was completely restored by the owner and his family.

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