1957 Volvo TP21

1957 Volvo TP21

In the beginning of the 1950s, Volvo met the demands of the Swedish Defense Forces for a four-wheel-drive command car by building the TP21. It quickly became known as 'The Sow' because of its rotund rear end. The vehicle was primarily used for radio communications and it carried a high-base antenna that could either stand alone or be placed in a holder on the front of the TP21.

The model was based on a light truck frame and was fitted with a body based on the PV830 taxi - although shortened slightly to improve the off-road mobility. The shortened wheelbase, large terrain tires and high ground clearance proved very effective, especially in off-road conditions. During this era, the TP21 was the leading vehicle of its kind in the world and ended up being used for over three decades by the Swedish Defense Force.

The name TP21 comes from the Swedish word TerrangPersonbil (P2104) (Off-road car P2104). When the TP21 was used in the Swedish Defense Force it was under the name Raptgb 915, which takes some letters from the Swedish word Radiopersonterrangbil 915 (Radio car off-road 915).

The TP21 was produced during the years 1953-1958. During this period, Volvo produced 1 prototype and 724 vehicles for the Swedish Defense Force. This vehicle on display is a MY1957, Chassis No. 430, and was produced in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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