1929 Chevrolet International Model AC news, pictures

1929 Chevrolet International Model AC news, pictures

Chevrolet's were easily identifiable by their prominent 'bowtie' logo mounted on a chrome-plated radiator shell which rested on a rectangular radiator. Part-way through the year, a rumble seat sport roadster was added to the very extensive list of bodystyles. All were powered by a six-cylinder overhead valve engine that produced 46 horsepower. This was the first year for the Chevrolet six-cylinder engine since 1915. Chevrolet marketed this triumphant return as 'A Six for the Price of a Four.' The wheelbase measured 107 inches and the length was a comfortable 156-inches.

The six-cylinder engine did well in sales, prompting Henry Ford to hastily introduce the1932 Ford V8 as competition. Chevrolet would continue to improve upon its six-cylinder unit. It would eventually become known as the 'Cast-Iron Wonder'. It displaced 194 cubic-inches and used a solid overhead-valve design in a cast-iron block. The engine was mated to a three-speed manual gearbox which powered the rear wheels. Fuel economy was adequate at 19 mpg on average.

Available options included bumpers in front and rear, sidemount tires & covers, trunk rack, external rearview mirror, cigar lighter, running board step plates, wire spoke wheels, wind wings on the open cars, and rear spare cover.

This example is a Two-Door Sedan that has buck seats and disc wheels. It is painted in a triple-tone paint scheme that includes grey, maroon, and black. The interior is grey tweed. It has the rare rear trunk with spare, directionals, and a rebuilt engine.

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