1928 Chevrolet OGTS Barrel-Back Speedster news, pictures

1928 Chevrolet OGTS Barrel-Back Speedster news, pictures

This is truly a labor of love, taking over six years to create. It sits atop of a 1928 Chevrolet sedan's running gear which includes a four-cylinder engine, four-wheel mechanical drum brakes, three-speed manual transmission with straight-cut gears, a 107 inch wheelbase, and solid front and rear axles with longitudinal leaf springs.

This OGTS wooden sculpture was the work of Orville Green and John Vandeneynde. Green provided the financial backing while Vandeneynde used his cabinet making and carpenter skills to create this wooden masterpiece. Besides his abilities with wood, Vandeneynde also possess knowledge of automotive mechanics, having restored a variety of cars including a Morgan, Mercedes 220 Cabriolet and an Allard J2-X.

The project was conceived after seeing inspirational photos of a 1924 Tulipwood Hispano-Suiza. A $650 purchase of a 1928 Chevrolet Sedan provided the platform. The wood, which consists of cherry, ash, oak, and mahogany, was purchased from a furniture factory located in Napanee, Ontario. Once a week for five years either Green or Vandeneynde searched the furniture factory in search of suitable wood.

The exterior was lacquered in seven coats of 'Z-Spar' marine varnish. The wood was cut into strips 3/8-inch to ½-inch thick and either glued or screwed together. The screw holes were then filled with hardwood plugs. The bucket seats and floor boards are also completely wood. The interior is all custom including the steering wheel, dash-knobs, headlamps, and gauge surroundings.

The name OGTS was formed from Oliver Green's initials, providing the OG. The TS stood for 'Termite Special.'

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