1916 Chevrolet Series 490 news, pictures, information

1916 Chevrolet Series 490 news, pictures, information

The Series 490 received its named after the price of the two base models and was first introduced in 1916. It would remain in production until 1923, when a new Chevrolet naming scheme was introduced. By 1923, the cost of the base model had increased to $510, with the top-of-the-line Series 490 four-door Sedan selling for $875.

There were two bodystyles available on the Series 490 in 1916, a roadster and a touring car. Both bodystyles were both void of a left front door. It was a simple, utilitarian vehicle offered at an affordable price and powered by a four-cylinder engine. The engine displaced 171 cubic-inches and produced a modest 24 horsepower.

The windshield was vertical and lacked side splash guards. Included in the purchase price was a top, a top hoop, and a windshield. Options included electric lighting and starting system which boosted the price to $550. If this option was selected, they were fitted with a Connecticut automatic ignition system rather than a magneto. Other options included a front bumper, spare tire, Moto-meter, Southern gauge, and an outside rearview mirror.

Sales were rather impressive, with around 18,000 examples of the Series 490 sold during 1916. Total Chevrolet production was 62,898.

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