1915 Chevrolet Model 490 news, pictures information

1915 Chevrolet Model 490 news, pictures  information

William C. Durant assembled three companies into the Chevrolet Motor Car. The Little Motor car company, the Mason Motor Company and the Republic Motor Company were united to help Mr. Durant to regain control of General Motors. In 1912 the Little appeared as a $650 four-cylinder. Some months later a $1285 Little Six was added to the line. Durant and Louis Chevrolet were working together to produce a light French type car to sell for under $1000. The car that Louis developed was far from what Durant wanted, but he had to introduce it as it had been advertised for an 18 month period.

The Chevrolet Type C six could not be sold for less that $2100 it sported an overhead six of 299 cubic inches, and would be the largest displacement engine offered until 1958 when the 348 appeared. It was a well built car with innovations that Durant would combine with the Little into a new car to be sold as a Chevrolet. The Type C six lasted for two years and when the parts supply ran out was dropped.

In 1914 Durant introduced the Chevrolet light six or Model L, which was the former Little six, and the only L-head in Chevrolet history. More important that year was the arrival of the H series, powered by a 170.9 cubic inch four-cylinder designed by Arthur Mason that would remain the engine offered until 1928.

These were the first Chevrolets not to have self starters as standard equipment (it could be had as an option), but they were the first Chevrolet to sell for under $1000. That year the models offered were, a Baby Grand for $875 for the touring, and a Royal Mail for $750 roadster, and a sport Amesbury Special at $985.

This vehicle shown here was introduced as a Model 490; its price of $490 was to compete with Ford's Model T at $495.

This car has some questions about it as being a Model 490 due to some physical differences from production. From all information available, this cars serial number does not fall into line of the manufacturers sequence. However it is totally original with the exception of the grey finish that was supplied many years ago. We suspect that it was originally all black.

It was sold new in Ohio and brought to East Palestine Ohio in 1979 and displayed in the window of the Brittain Chevrolet Dealership in town.

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