Drive at home with most driving simulator realistic today

Drive at home with most driving simulator realistic today
a fully functional driving simulator designed to practice a driving passenger vehicle at home using any plug & play steering wheel (with pedals) connected to the Windows computer; to learn all the basic and essential driving skills to become comfortable enough with driving to remember to routinely look around, check blind spots, use mirrors, turn signals and headlights, and be aware of your speed. Driving in a safe simulation environment without any stress will help first time drivers to gain confidence behind the wheel. Learning within a driving simulation environment is just like playing a computer game.

The SimuRide HE Driving Simulator is the key to success on the road.
PC Driving Simulator for Beginner & Experienced Drivers to practice safely at home
    English, Spanish and French CD for both: Left and Right Hand Traffic
    To learn driving in the city, country and highway; in sun, snow/rain, fog or darkness

    To stress less and safe driving practice, turning, parallel parking, passing/merging, backing up with the trailer, defense driving
    Builds confidence, teaches fast decision making

Minimum required: processor Intel Core 2 Duo Clock 2.66 GHz and graphics card Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT or their equivalents.
Read full details at: games century 

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