Ford Focus SEL video preview

Ford Focus SEL video preview

The 2012 Focus features Ford’s Power Shift twin-clutch six-speed automatic (standard on the SEL, $1095 on lower trim levels), but the technology might have been yanked out of the oven a few minutes early.
It’s one of our few gripes with the car. Shifts can feel seamless if the driver is utterly unhurried, but they’re rather slow if there’s any attempt at upping the tempo. 

2012 Ford Focus SEL Sedan preview by heshamyounes

There were other problems, too. With 3000 miles on our test car, the clutches were already a little glazed and chattery, with vibrations working up the steering column when we rolled off under light throttle. And once, while maintaining about 35 mph on level ground, the SEL did a five-three downshift for no obvious reason

2012 Ford Focus SEL by heshamyounes

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