Two new cars from Aston Martin at 1923

first Aston Martin was built in 1913 by London Singer dealers Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin. It was comprised of a Coventry Simplex engine and an Isotta Fraschini chassis. They were later joined by Count Louis Zborowski, who provided finaical backing and was an avid racer.
Between 1914 & 1925, sometimes referrred to as the Lionel Martin era, they produced a total of 61 cars. Most were with the intentions of racing. Racing was expensive which ultimately led to the company entering into receivership in 1925. This would become a tradition for the Aston Martin Company who has experienced a long career in the automotive business leading into the modern era.
In 1923 Aston Martin produced two new cars

1923 Aston Martin Sidevalve
1923 Aston Martin Sidevalve 
Aston Martin Side Valve was approximately the twentieth car produced by the Bamford & Martin Ltd Company of West Kensington, England. It is the second of an approximately 40-car production run, built through 1925. The one previous chassis of the series, chassis number 1919, has an unknown fate. Its whereabouts are not known and it is presumed to been destroyed.

Chassis 1920 left the Aston Martin factory as a four-seat tourer and was delivered with registration FY 6193 in August of 1923 to Brooklands racer J.C. Douglas. During Mr. Douglas ownership, the car was involved in an accident that caused some damage to the gearbox, front axles, engine, and frame.

1923 Aston Martin 1.5-Liter

1923 Aston Martin 1.5-Liter was initially raced at events in Melbourne, and it also competed in the first Australian Grand Prix in 1928.

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