Toyota Toyopet Crown 1958 comfortable ride of a big car

Toyopet offers four-door entry convenience....the comfortable ride of a big car....and still Toyopet is inexpensive to operate and maintain. This is value unattained in any other automobile....regardless of price' - In August of 1957 two Toyopet Crown sedans were put on a ship headed for the west coast of the United Staes. These two examples were the first attempt by a Japanese auto manufacturer to enter the US market. 287 Toyopet's were sold in 1958 and in 1959 there were 976 sold. The Toyopet Crown 4-cylinder 88.7 cubic-inch engine was capable of attaining 78 mph and had a fuel rating of 23.5 mpg.

Some thing have to know about this car:
The Toyopet Crown was the first passenger car sold by Toyota in the US
It was the first Japanese automobile to be exported to the American mainland.
The First Toyopet vehicle was registered in the U.S. after modifications were made to the head lights, tail lights, turn signals, and mirrors to comply with California law.
1958 Toyopet Crown sales totaled 287.
The early Toyopets were underpowered for high-speed freeway travel
Due to deficiencies of the Toyopet Crown for the American market, Toyota set about developing a car more suitable for the U.S. market, which resulted in the production ofhte highly successful 1965 Corona.

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