Sarah Cooper and her Renault Town Car

1905 Renault Town Car was originally purchased by Sarah Cooper Hewitt, of New York City. She was part of the famous Cooper Hewitt family of New York, known today for the Cooper Hewitt Museum in lower Manhattan and the Cooper-Union Art School in New York. She owned the car until her death in 1930, when it was left to her sister. In 1937, it was offered to James Belton for $500, but he declined, saying that he never paid more than $100 for a used car.

It was sold instead to Joe Murchio of Greenwood Lake, NY. Murchio was an early car collector, and immediately fell in love with the Renault. He owned it until the late 60s, then sold it to a collector in New Jersey. The car appeared in the film, 'Once Upon A Time in America,' and was shown transporting James Cagney in what was his final picture. The current owner purchased the car in mid-2000s after it had been stored for two years. The car is entirely original except for the 1953 re-paint, and has less than 5,000 original miles on the odometer.

This 1905 Renault Brougham rides on a wheelbase that measures 124-inches and wears coachwork by Mulbacher of Paris. The interior is elegantly finished in leather and accented with mahogany wood. There is a roof rack that is over 8 feet off the ground.

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