Rolls-Royce offered five models in 1907

Rolls-Royce cars were offered in a range of five models and powered by a 30-horsepower six-cylinder engine. A larger engine was needed to carry the increasingly complex, heavy, and luxurious coachwork which was growing in popular at the time. In November of 1906, the 40/50 hp Rolls-Royce was introduced at the Olympia show.
One of the early investors in the Rolls-Royce Company and responsible for providing much-needed financial support for finance expansion was Arthur Briggs. He owned a 30 hp Rolls-Royce and later a 40/50 hp Six. Before the start of the First World War, Briggs would own a total of six Rolls-Royce vehicles.

This 1907 Rolls-Royce with chassis number 60547 is the oldest 40/50 in existence and was once owned by Arthur H. Briggs. It has a body created by Rippon Bros. The Rippon Bros is Britain's oldest coachbuilder, having a history that dates back to 1555, during the reign of Query Mary. Arthur Rippon, the founder, is credited with building one of the first carriages in England.

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