A new American car blog called JULJO BLOG

Juljo is a car blog with special vision that U S A makes cars and others makes some toys so we only talk in this blog about American cars: Buick,Cadillac,Chevrole, Dodge,Ford,GMC,Hummer,Jeep,Lincoln,Mercury,Pontiac and Plymouth
What blog owners said:
Julia&jo created this blog with a feeling of honor that U S A is our homeland and hope you are too
Any how in just 2 days after established their blog they post in very clear system categories focused in  only 12 car factory as you can see in the list of their posts:  

Pontiac 302 1932 only 90 days of productions

Plymouth Model PA 1931

Mercury Model 19A 1941

Mercury Sedanca deVille1941

Lincoln 135 1924

First Jeep Cherokee 1984

HUMMER H1 2003

HUMMER H2 2003

GMC Futurliner1950

Ford Model A/C 1904

Ford Model B1904

Dodge Series I 1922

Cadillac Model E 1905

Buick Model G 1907

Pontiac Boat Tail Racer1926

Pontiac Series 6-27 1926

Plymouth Model U 1929

Mercury Eight Series 09A 1940

Lincoln Model L 1923

Jeep CJ-5 1973

Hummer H1 2002

GMC Model 100 1949

Ford Model A Two 1903

Dodge Model 30 1921

Chevrolet Model 490 1915

Cadillac Model F 1904

Cadillac Model B1904

Buick Model F 1906

Chevrolet Series 1914

Plymouth Model Q 1928

Sure I like these kinds of blogs but the question is: will they have the important thing to this work? I mean the visitors … we will see 

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