Mercedes-Benz three new cars in 1929

1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK

This unique Mercedes-Benz SSK was delivered unbodied to its first owner, Major John Coates, who added a body built by the Carlton Carriage Company in London. Known as 'the fastest sports car in the world' at the end of the 1920s, the SSK's reputation was gained on the racing circuits of the world in the hands of drivers such as Rudolph Carraciola. After ten different owners, this car was sold in 1941 for 400 British Pounds to English sports car enthusiast and farmer George Milligan and was driven enthusiastically by him for over 60 years. Famous in Vintage Sports Car Club circles, the car has been driven all over the United Kingdom and Europe in various rallies, including the Mercedes Jubilee celebration at Stuttgart.
1929 Mercedes-Benz Model S
1929 Mercedes-Benz Model S 
Ferdinand Porsche designed the S-Type for Mercedes-Benz in 1927. The racer was constructed using pre-existing road version Mercedes vehicles, mainly the 400 and 630 models. The names of these vehicles came from their displacement size in liters. For example, the 400 had a four liter engine while the 630 had a 6.3 liter engine, both were equipped a supercharger and six-cylinders. The engine was one of the most appealing attributes of these vehicles. The drawbacks that robbed the vehicles of performance were its size, weight and basic suspension system. A cushy suspension and large size was ideal for luxury vehicles that carried the elite in society, but at the track the vehicles were in need of more performance characteristics. An attempt was made to enhance the sporty nature of the 630 by shortening the wheelbase, which brought about the 'short' (Kurz) version. This drastically improved the vehicles sporty appeal but more was needed to enhance the handling. Mercedes answer to this problem was the S-Type version which saw the chassis lowered and the engine moved back. This improved the vehicles balance. To improve its performance, the engine capacity was enlarged to 6.8 liters. Thus, the 680 S was born.

The Nurburgring 1000 km race debuted in 1927. The track is challenging with it 172 turns and 25.6 km length. The track tests both the driver and the vehicle in all scenarios such as power, braking, and cornering. At the first Nurburgring race it was the 680 S that emerged victorious, a true testament to the vehicles capabilities.

1929 Mercedes-Benz 630K

The Model 630K was produced in limited numbers, with only 267 being built between 1926 and 1932. Displacing 6.3 liters, the 630K's single-overhead camshaft six-cylinder engine produced 160 bhp with the Roots supercharger engaged, and in this specification the 630K could justifiably claim to be the world's most powerful production touring car.

Charles Murray of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a wealthy oilman and land developer, ordered this chassis in 1927 and had it shipped from the Stuttgart factory to the Castagna coachworks in Milan. The cost of the car was a staggering $28,000, almost five times the cost of the equivalent Fleetwood bodied Cadillac. After living in Tulsa and New York, the car was sold to Charles Eads who restored it and won countless awards at M-BCA events. In the early 2000s it was acquired for the Marbella Collection. Later, it was sold at Bonhams Automobiles d'Exception a Retromobile auction.

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