The first Ferrari ever built 1947 Ferrari 125 S

The first Ferrari ever built. Proving that they were 'in business,' Enzo Ferrari held a debut on March 12, 1947. Then, Ferrari demonstrated the car, much to the acclaim of the automotive press, as a rolling chassis. On May 25, 1947, this car had become a lovely roadster, looking as it does now. It was driven into the beginning of history by Franco Cortese, to win Ferrari's first race at the Grand Prix of Rome.

It went on to a continued successful 1947 racing season. The car was renumbered from 01C to 0101 for 1948, receiving an engine upgrade to 166 and a lighter Corsa body suitable for many types of racing. It could be run with or without fenders and its separate headlights. With that body, this car continued to win races in 1950.

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