1924 Austin Seven Produced until 1939

Herbert Austin used a one-model policy in the post-World War I era for his Austin cars. In the post-War depression, the Austin 20 with its 3.6-liter motor was not a strong seller. Turning in another direction, a new concept was tried - a lightweight, inexpensive, utilitarian vehicle that could appeal to the masses.

Stanley Howard edge was enlisted to help with the design of the new vehicle. The designs were completed in April of 1922 and three prototypes soon followed. The vehicle was a step above a cycle-car and offered seating for four-passengers. It had a water-cooled four-cylinder engine, three-speed sliding gear transmission, shaft drive, and four-wheel brakes. Production official commenced in July of 1922 and sold for 225 British Pounds. It was dubbed the Austin Seven, after its taxable horsepower rating, and immediately became a success. Production would continue until 1939 with nearly 291,000 examples produced.

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