Remember the old Dacia over 20 years ago

Remember the old Dacia over 20 years ago

Duster marks the entry of Dacia in the elite European automotive industry. Over 20 years ago, at the orders of Ceausescu Dacia tried the first crossover in Eastern Europe, the ARO 12.

Renault never had the range “4×4″ in it’s R12 models. It was a rally car variant with a Gordini engine, sports division of French manufacturer. A R12 Break was modified, the R12 Sinpar resulting in a 4×4, rally-raid, Sinpar name from a French company with the same name, with only the preparation of rally cars.

“Hybrid” Aro-Dacia

At Ceausescu’s order, but without plans available and the technology of R12 Sinpar, Romanian engineers have found saving solution to combine technical platform of the structure and appearance of Aro 10 and the Dacia 1310 estate. Therefore, Aro 12 or Dacia 1310 “4×4,” might say that was the first crossover from Dacia (machine that combines space and comfort of a normal station wagon, with increased ground clearance and performance of a model “4×4″).

Okay, a joke machine, but then, there was no Audi A6 Allroad or Volvo XC 70 Cross-Country. Only the Japanese Subaru and Toyota played in this league! But now, Dacia Duster’s upward trend is the SUV market, attacking rivals with an area ratio / price unbeatable.

Aro 12 was not built at the Dacia factory, but in Cimpulung, at ARO. The car had a non-permanent four-wheel drive, manually lockable differential and diesel engine, made in IFA. Fortunately, it was not a series production. They made several copies, particularly for the Army. Some of them are still in circulation.

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