Fake and theft of Russian car industry

Fake and theft of Russian car industry

ford A year 1931
gaz A year 1932-1936

Undoubtedly, all cars have got four wheels, so no deferent between all models except some lines. Mirrors, engine sound
With that rule Russia began its car industry with a very basic low:
Some one will make a new car and test it very hard, he have a big fund to do that because of he is capitalism …but we are not

fiat 124 year 1968
lada 2101 year 1970

The next steep is: let him handle the rest of work and we will simply reproduce the same car with our logo and our model name
Now we gathered a very big collection from the fake Russian car and the original car which Russian industry reproduced it with a fake name and fake logo
You can download our book about all of fake and theft Russian industry with the all collection of evidences over the years for free

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