Cheapest car Lada Granta 2011

Cheapest car Lada Granta 2011

Russia’s largest carmaker AvtoVAZ, plans to launch cheapest car production in Europe, in mid-2011. Lada Granta, the plan will cost 55 million rupiah. With such a low price, will make Granta become the cheapest car built in Europe.

Lada Granta VAS 2190

Granta, which is also known as VAZ 2190, also will issue a sedan version, followed by a hatchback, which is expected to replace the Lada Kalina and Samara. May also be built wagon versions.

French car maker Renault, a partnership in Russia with AvtoVAZ, has expressed interest to develop its own version of Granta. Renault also are negotiating in order to sell Granta in overseas markets.

New Lada  is designed to give priority to the Russian market, but AvtoVAZ has not ruled out the possibility to export cars to Western Europe.

In 2020, AvtoVAZ plans to produce nine models based on three or four basic platforms in six market segments, with three main models (low series, the new Priora and C-class).

An increase of 70 percent of total production. At the time the company intends to increase sales to 1.2 million cars per year. This year, the company hopes to produce as many as 571 000 units of cars but I don’t think so 

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