1979 Volvo 260

1979 Volvo 260

The Volvo 260 Series came standard with a 163 cubic-inch V-6 engine capable of producing 125 horsepower and 150 lbs-ft of torque. It shared a similar its design with its sibling, the 240 Series.

The big news for 1978 was a Bertone styled 262C limited production series that carried a price tag of $15,000. It was very luxurious, fitted with black stitched Italian leather and elm veneer door trim. The following year, a GLE 'Executive' option was introduced which included velour seats, mag wheels, sunroof, stereo, and an automatic gearbox.

For 1979, the two-door Sedan was listed as $9590 while the station wagon cost $9495. A sedan 260-Series could be purchased for just $8450.

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