Peugeot 1905 BEBE TYPE 69

Peugeot  1905 BEBE TYPE 69

With the type 69 baby, the brand's first popular car, Armand Peugeot makes a noted entry into a new segment for the firm. The car is the star of the 1904 Paris Motor Show.

Compact in size — 2.70 metres long — the car is fitted with an AG type 652 cc single-cylinder engine, which helps propel it to 40 km/h.

Sold at a favourable price, yet of a modern design, the Baby is fitted with shaft transmission instead of the chain drive often fitted to cars of this period. In addition, the steering system abandoned the screw steering system for a rack and pinion

The baby was built in the Audincourt factory and met with success, being exported, to Britain in particular, where it continues to have a following today amongst collectors.

Production rose to 400 cars during 1905, which represented 80% of Peugeot production of this project.

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